Abrahamic Alliance Leader to Speak at Foothill Club

Interfaith group leader to speak at Saratoga Foothill Club Feb. 22

A gathering of Christians, Jews and Muslims under one roof is not necessarily a common sight, but if Rod Cardoza had his way, it would be the norm. Ten years ago, the San Jose-based anthropologist founded an organization that seeks to bring members of the three faith communities together to alleviate poverty. Saratoga residents will have a chance to hear about the work Cardoza’s organization is doing later this month at the Saratoga Foothill Club.

Rod Cardoza Executive Director for the Abrahamic Alliance International, in middle, has lunch with Larry Albright, pastor at Lincoln Glen Church and Mohammed Ridris, president of South Valley Islamic Community at the Jerusalem Grill in Campbell. The Alliance is a San Jose-based group that seeks to unite Jews, Christians and Muslims for the purpose of peace-building and poverty relief. Cardoza will be giving a talk at the Saratoga Foothill Club on Feb. 22 titled “Uniting Jews, Christians and Muslims in peace-building and poverty relief.”  (George Sakkestad/Staff Photographer)

Cardoza’s organization, Abrahamic Alliance International, operates on two main principles: education and community service. It achieves the first by bringing in world-class experts in theology to give graduate-level seminars on Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. What
distinguishes these scholars from others is that, in addition to their own religion, they are well-versed in at least one other monotheistic religion, said Cardoza… (see full article in The San Jose Mercury News, Saratoga News).

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